Home workouts are great for attaining good fitness results in a comfortable environment. People choose home workouts for several reasons including embarrassment, costs, time management or cost of gym memberships. Here are the 10 fast and effective workouts that you can  do at home:

1. Pushups

Pushups are an effective measure of gauging how strong your upper body is. However, they can be original and fun if you have the right attitude towards exercise. For instance, doing the mountain or spider man variations can make your home workout more interesting, while still adding difficulty. Add intensity by doing more repetitions or by challenging yourself to see how many push-ups you can perform in a certain time limit. Whichever variation of pushups you choose, ensure you are using the proper form with your back and legs in line. You descent must be controlled whereas your push should be explosive.

2. Pulling exercises

Having strong back muscles is crucial to overall strength of the upper body. It also offsets the effect a huge chest has on your body posture. Doing pulling exercises such as pull-ups and rows uses your heaviness against you. These exercises also allow the user to manage the difficulty level through manipulating leverage. Furthermore, they are also functional and primal exercises that create a bigger anabolic response compared to isolation workouts, resulting in better gains in strength and size.

3. Lunges

Home workouts would be incomplete without using a good exercise for the lower body. Here is where lunges come in. An alternative to the regular lunges is the very effective walking lunge. For this exercise, you do not need dumbbells, barbells or any additional weights to make it more challenging. You only need strict persistence and proper form. Lunges emphasize the correct motor pathways, thus fixing the poor habits a person learns by spending a lot of time sitting or slouching.

4. Sit-ups

Instead of doing the regular sit-ups, you can perform the workout using a weight held on your chest. Cross your hands and grab the weight while performing the regular sit-up. This variation might be a little difficult to do at first, but you can conquer it by starting out with lighter weights till you are more at ease with the sit-up movements.

5. Planks

Planks are great home workouts for abdominal muscles. Even though they might appear easy, they are usually very challenging and will likely have you shaking and sweating within a minute. The main advantages are to your core muscles, which are forced to carry the entire weight of the body. The standard planks normally target your lower and upper abs, while side planks work the obliques. Like other body-weight workouts, you can switch your body posture to enhance the level of difficulty.

6. Agility exercises

Very few people incorporate anaerobic conditioning or agility exercises into their home workouts. These exercises are not quite glamorous compared to exercises like the bench press and they are also challenging. The simple truth is that anaerobic condition will challenge you to failure. You do not require much, just an open space as well as good running shoes. The aim of the anaerobic exercises is to push the body for short times and taking long rests in between the sets to have enough recovery time. The reward is greater agility and speed.

7. Yoga

You can make use of the numerous yoga workouts and sequences as part of your home workout to enhance your overall fitness levels. Nevertheless, you first require some instructions on ways of using proper yoga postures and forms to allow you to perform the routines at home by yourself. The hot yoga variation is an effective way of enhancing your workout intensity.

8. Jogging and running

All you require for proper jogging are comfortable running shoes and sport clothes. Start by jogging in your neighborhood for approximately 30 minutes daily. You can increase the jogging time to one hour if you note that your stamina has improved. Furthermore, alternate between short sprints and long running for more effectiveness.

9. Home-workout machines

For those who can afford to buy some workout machines, there are some effective machines you could purchase and enhance your home workout. Cross trainers can provide with a full body workout that is both low impact and easily controllable. Rowing machines, exercise bikes, and treadmills are also good additions to any home gym. Regardless of the machine that you opt to buy, make sure to perform the workout using the correct form.

10. Squat jumps

This exercise is a more challenging variation of the regular squats. Start by performing the standard squat, and then use your core to help you explosively jump up. After you land, get back into squat position so as to finish one repetition. Try to land as softly as you can. Perform this exercise for 30 seconds.

Additional Tips to Remember

Regardless of the workout you choose, to be effective and to achieve notable success you must adhere to some crucial components.
Doing the same workout every time can get mind-numbing and can turn into a less effective workout the more you repeat it. Hence, it is vital to set some regular challenges in your home workout program after every 3 weeks to ensure your body does not get familiarized to the program and generate better results. Change your repetition ranges, exercises or other exercise variables regularly. Furthermore, if you discover that a certain exercise is too easy or you are comfortable with it, then you must take a break and do something that you are not very comfortable with so as to maintain the challenging nature of your workout.
Simply rolling around on your mat facing the television is not a very effective home exercise routine. You must be serious in your training if you want to observe any changes in your physique. Give your exercises full attention by switching off your television (unless you are following yoga postures from a video) and instead put on some motivational music that will enhance your workout and keep you pumped up. The key is to train hard, just as you would train if you were at a gym with a personal trainer.
Training hard is not enough for a home workout to be effective since the program must be properly designed to create great effects. For instance, cardiovascular workouts are effective exercises, but when used along with strength training, it enhances the advantages of training. Hence, if you currently use a cardiovascular workout like cycling, you can enhance the intensity of cycling using interval training.
Even though exercising at home offers a great convenience since you can train at your own pace, it is precarious if you do not workout using a safe technique. It is suggested to take lessons from a qualified trainer to ensure you know the correct technique when you go back to your home workout. Taking time to understand the principles of training is really a great investment.