Building Muscle? Why Taking Supplements Can Help

When you are trying to build muscle, it is crucial that you eat and train properly for sustained muscle growth. Once you have a good nutrition and training regimen in place, adding a few supplements is recommended so as to enhance your muscle gains. Using the right supplements will assist your body in gaining strength […]

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Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

Metabolism is basically the process by which the body converts food to energy. All the normal bodily functions like brain function, digestion, breathing and also your heartbeat consume a lot of energy. Higher metabolism means that energy is going to be attained from using up stored body fat, resulting in significant weight loss.

Importance of Increasing […]

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Introduction to Men’s Fitness

Fitness is an important goal that must be sought by everyone, regardless of current fitness state or age. Any man considering taking on a new fitness regimen must consult with his doctor first to get a medical clearance before proceeding to exercise. Having mentioned that, staying fit is an important key to a more productive […]

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What is Muscle Confusion and Why is it Important?

You perform the same workout routine every day. You are dedicated and never miss a workout session, but you are no longer getting good results. This has caused you to get frustrated and you are even thinking of quitting. If these statements describe your current condition, then it is time to try out muscle confusion.
Muscle […]

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Introduction to Women’s Fitness

The fitness trend currently engulfing the whole world has not only been confined to men, as women are also seeking ways of staying healthy and in shape. For women, staying fit is largely about having and maintaining a beautiful figure at a healthy weight. However, due to various reasons, many women usually add lots of […]

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Top 5 HIIT Exercises to Burn Fat Fast

HIIT or high intensity interval training comprises of variety of short cardio workouts performed at high intensity. This form of training has gained more popularity with athletes and fitness gurus due to its excellent effectiveness. Studies show that HIIT exercises burn close to 10 times more fat than regular cardiovascular workouts. This ensures you burn fat […]

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Top 3 Sports That Burn The Most Fat

The key to losing weight is choosing activities that you enjoy, since you will likely stick with them over the long term. Hence, learning which sports burn the most fat will assist you in achieving your goals faster. Even though all sports generally burn calories, some forms are more efficient than others. Find out the […]

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Men vs. Women: Differences in Building Lean Muscle

Men’s fitness is very different from women’s fitness just like day and night. Hence, to achieve the desired fitness level calls for a different methodology for both men and women. This huge difference in fitness is mainly due to the fact that women have high levels of estrogen, whereas men have high levels of testosterone. […]

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Exercise Safety Tips for Fitness Newbies

Making the choice to incorporate frequent exercise in your lifestyle is a truly smart move that will guarantee to reward you positively. However, exercises can be risky, especially if it has been a long time since your last exercise or if you suffer from any health ailments, or obesity, that could increase your vulnerability to […]

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5 Reasons You Are Not Losing Belly Fat

Belly fat is associated with the word stubborn, because it is actually quite challenging to eliminate this fat from the body. Besides looking good afterwards, eliminating belly fat also enhances your general health. This is because abdominal fat surrounds your key organs and is associated with various heart problems, insulin resistance and some cancer diseases.

Let […]

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