Fitness is an important goal that must be sought by everyone, regardless of current fitness state or age. Any man considering taking on a new fitness regimen must consult with his doctor first to get a medical clearance before proceeding to exercise. Having mentioned that, staying fit is an important key to a more productive and healthy body. Men’s fitness comprises of much more than bodybuilding or participating in sporting activities, instead it is changing your way of living to maximize your time here on earth.

In general, when you are fit and healthy, your overall outlook and mood improves. Medically speaking your cardiovascular system works more efficiently, thus improving heart health. If you are medically capable of doing so, you should strive to enhance your conditioning, improve your aerobic activity as well as attain a general state of fitness. If you are wondering how exactly you can achieve this, then this article will assist you.

Do men lose weight rapidly than women?

Most people think that men have a distinct advantage in weight loss. There are many anecdotal tales of women sweating and fighting to lose just a pound, compared to stories of men who simply hit the gym and immediately lose weight. But, what is the genuine truth? It is a fact that men can lose weight quickly initially, but over a long period of time, the weight loss becomes more equal with women. Weight loss routines usually accentuate this difference, particularly when sedentary women and men both begin exercise programs at the same time. This benefit of rapid weight loss that men have is thanks to testosterone.

However, the fact that a man can lose weight easily can be a disadvantage. The fat that is easiest to shed off is usually found in the upper part of the body, especially the abdominal region – the infamous beer belly. Most men normally store fat in their abdominal area and a very low amount in the thighs and hips, whereas the opposite is the case for many women. The visceral or intra-abdominal fat that results in the beer belly is metabolically active. This means that it is the fat you start burning during weight loss.

The other side of having this weight loss benefit is the fact that fat that is metabolically active is harmful to your overall health. It is associated with increased risk for stroke, heart disease and a host of other health complications. Thus, even though it is easier to get rid of this fat, it is more important that you start doing so right now. That huge abdominal circumference increases your chances of getting health problems. But you do not need a six pack to be healthy. You just have to ensure you do not allow your belly to get enlarged due to lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle.

  1. Aggressive weight loss

Without sugar coating anything, the only way a man can successfully lose weight is to get up and start doing something. Just do anything you are capable of doing, whether jogging or running. Humans are innately lethargic and this usually makes them add weight every year. Furthermore, most men nowadays work in formal environments that do not require much handiwork. This sedentary lifestyle of simply sitting behind a desk has resulted in many men becoming overweight, with some even becoming obese.

One way of achieving aggressive weight loss is through engaging in interval cardiovascular training for 30 minutes, 4 days per week. You can start slowly and then once your body gets accustomed to the exercise, you can increase the intensity and aggressively work your body. Exercise does not have to be a hard task; in fact, you will likely get familiarized to it just like every other habit in life. Moreover, engage in intensive sporting activities like basketball to get your metabolism up and lose weight.

  1. Fat burning and toning

To attain toning through burning fat, incorporating resistance training, healthy diet, aerobic exercise and weekly assessments are all crucial. The aerobic exercises will assist you to lower your percentage of body fat and burn calories. However, the aerobic workouts must amount to 200 minutes per week to trim your fat and produce a toned look. Keep your heart rate at 70% for great results.

The second step in toning your body is to use a balanced diet that contains whole grains, low fats and lean meats. Furthermore, experts suggest that men who are training actively will also require an additional protein supply of 1.7g of protein for every kg of overall body weight. Use lean sources of protein for optimal outcomes as you tone your body.

Resistance training is also crucial for toning, especially when directed to the entire body, rather than targeting certain muscle groups only. For great results, men seeking a more toned appearance are advised to make use of light weights while performing many repetitions per exercise, till the muscles become fatigued completely. This generates maximum muscle contraction that aids calorie burning and also enhances muscle hypertrophy.

  1. Muscle building

Physique transformation through muscle building is a lengthy process that does not really occur in a straight line, especially for men. Muscle growth usually occurs in bursts that are interspersed with the feared plateau stage. To avoid these plateaus as you try building muscles in your entire body, you must ensure you enhance your daily intake of food.

The other tip for men who want to build muscle is to lift weights quickly. Instead of wasting your mental energy in timing your repetitions, you should try to always lift explosively. Enhancing bar speed forces you to enhance the use of fast-twitch muscles. Ultimately, you will have greater recruitment, activation and development of muscles.

A final tip to help you gain muscle is to finish your given exercise in a shorter time. Reducing the time you workout without cutting the volume of your workout enhances training density. Your muscles will get more stimulated without recovering, which forces your body to respond with an improvement in power output, work capacity, muscular size and density.

Finally, a good way to conclude this article is by busting a common fitness myth about men. Many people think that if you start taking creatine supplements, you will become totally dependent and you must take it forever. However, this is a false myth because while your body can slow down its natural production of creatine due to the supplement that you are taking, this effect will reverse immediately if you were to stop supplementing. Furthermore, there are no documented adverse effects associated with refraining from taking supplements.