“Protein powder and protein shakes are an excellent way of supplementing your diet, particularly for athletes and bodybuilders. However, just drinking protein powder is not sufficient for building muscles quickly. Of great importance is drinking the right protein powder at the right time for better absorption and optimal results. Here are a few of the best times to drink your protein powder.

In the morning

One of the most effective times to drink your protein powder is after waking up in the morning. When you sleep, your body stays in an inactive state, and thus does have any additional intake of food. Without sufficient protein in the body, muscles begin breaking down so as to generate energy to start the day. Having a protein rich breakfast can therefore assist you to build muscle as well as offer energy to the body, thus preventing any kind of muscle breakdown even before it begins. This protein powder will also help your body get ready for the later workout, after which another protein shake is recommended.

Before exercise

Many people prefer drinking protein shakes prior to their workout, which is beneficial in making sure there is sufficient amounts of amino acids inside the body for providing energy as you exercise. Keep in mind that exercises are not recommended immediately after eating. This also applies when you have taken a protein powder. You should wait for one hour to pass after taking your protein supplement before you start working out.

After exercise

In general, muscles become more prone to effective nutrient absorption after a good workout. A protein powder shake will assist in the recovery and repair of muscles, ensuring maximum absorption of essential nutrients. This helps keep the muscles strong and healthy. For those with stomach sensitivity, it is better to take protein powder after exercise instead of whole food to get your quick protein dose.

Before bed

Having your protein powder before sleeping is very beneficial. You should drink the supplement at least one hour before you sleep or earlier so as to sleep at ease. Ensure you use a casein-rich powder as it works gradually through the body. You will be feeding your muscles at a period when the growth hormones have elevated, spurring muscle growth.

For weight training beginners

People interested in starting weight training and building muscle will need additional protein supplements to achieve better results. Likewise, protein powder is also recommended when you are increasing or changing your exercise plan. If you normally work out for only 20 minutes daily and suddenly wish to switch up your program to prepare for a certain event, you require additional protein for repairing the overworked muscles.

To accelerate recovery

Protein powder can act as an alternative treatment for people recovering from various muscle injuries. This is because protein does more than simply recovering worked muscles; it also helps to repair damaged and injured ones. Drinking protein powder while injured could speed up your recovery process, irrespective of whether you had a sports-related injury or not.

For athletic teenagers

Growing teenagers also have a valid reason to supplement their diets with protein powders. Athletic teenagers, particularly boys, require more protein in their bodies than adults. The protein not only goes towards repairing and building muscles, but it is essential for overall growth also. Without the sufficient amount of protein, teenagers may not reach their full potential in terms of growth as they would have if they were drinking protein supplements. In addition, increasing the protein quantity in whole meals can be hard for teenagers, particularly athletes, because they spend little time at home. Nevertheless, with teens especially, caution and scrutiny is vital when choosing the right protein powder. Even though soy and whey proteins are the most prevalent for athletes, using plant-based protein powders is the less-allergenic and safer option.

Additional Tips to Remember

There are some rules that you should first follow before you even start taking your protein powder. For starters, ensure you are just supplementing your protein intake and not replacing whole meals. Generally, you should only consume a maximum of 3 protein shakes when you are working out. However, this number is relative depending on the type of protein supplement you buy. You can even use protein powder to create a customized shake using vegetables and fruits, which is regarded as a very nutritious breakfast. Furthermore, always check the recommended daily intake values of minerals and vitamins, being sure to avoid exceeding in any area. Even though protein is an important nutrient, ingesting too much could be quite detrimental to your health.

Finally, do not expect your protein powder to carry out all the hard work on your behalf. Your progress with regards to obtaining extensive muscle growth is entirely driven by your exercise program. Use a protein powder to get geared up and pumped, then push yourself harder in your workout.