We all run out of energy at some point in our busy days, where we just cannot psych ourselves up to do a certain task, whether exercising or simply going to a see a new movie. What is usually more difficult to notice is an energy drain that does not necessarily feel like the common symptoms of exhaustion such as achy muscles. What you normally experience in this case is difficulty concentrating, lack of patience and increasing frustration levels even when dealing with seemingly easy challenges. If this lack of energy describes your current condition, then take heart as there is a solution to all these problems in the form of energy boosters.

Importance of energy boosters

Fight Fatigue

Fatigue or lethargy is a bad feeling of tiredness or weariness that does not subside even after resting. You may feel either psychological or physical fatigue. In general, fatigue is caused by your routines or habits. Fatigue is an important and normal response to emotional stress, poor diet, lack of sufficient sleep or physical exertion. In certain cases, fatigue is an indication of underlying medical issues that require medical treatment. Hence, fighting fatigue is vital for living a productive life. One suggestion is to have enough sleep and engage in relaxing activities like yoga to fight fatigue.

Improves mood

If you need a psychological lift or to just blow off steam following a hectic day, then a workout or short walk can be of great assistance. Physical activity is known for stimulating specific chemicals in the brain that will leave you more relaxed and feeling happier. In addition, you will also feel much better about yourself, particularly your appearance, when you work out regularly, which can enhance your confidence.

Combats health conditions and diseases

For those worried about high blood pressure and heart disease, then you must consider frequent physical activity. Regular exercise has been shown to enhance blood circulation, boosting your energy and reducing chances of cardiovascular conditions. Actually, frequent physical activity may assist you in managing or preventing a wide variety of health issues, including diabetes, arthritis, some forms of cancer and stroke.

Top Effective and Natural Ways to Boost Energy

Get some sunlight

It is no wonder you feel exhausted when you are stuck in a cold workplace with traditional fluorescent lighting. As a way to boost your energy naturally, go outside for 20 minutes and spend time in the sun. According to health experts, sunlight elevates mood and energizes the body.

Drink green tea

Try substituting your coffee intake with the healthier green to improve your energy. Besides simply energizing you, green tea has active compounds that help facilitate fast weight loss. Japanese researchers recently found that people who consumed green tea had considerably lower BMI scores and smaller waists compared to those who were part of the control group. Furthermore, having green tea before bed will not affect your normal sleep schedule as it has lower caffeine content than coffee.


Use coffee when you require a fast energy boost. Shown to enhance exercise performance, taking some coffee may act as the best pre-workout drink. Add skim milk to your coffee to provide additional vitamin D and calcium for healthier bones. Remember that you only need a small cup of caffeine to get these benefits.

Let Your Mind Rest

When watching television, reading or using the computer, blink up to 15 times every minute. Avoid staring at a page or screen without regularly blinking. Each time you blink your brain benefits from a mini-holiday, thus allowing your mind time to rest. When possible take a small power nap. A short nap not only reverses the stressing effects of overloading your brain with information, but it also helps you retain what you have learned.

Surround Yourself with High-Energy Friends

Your friends should be people who uplift and motivate you to achieve your goals. Try associating with friends who will revitalize your mind and body with positive ideas. Their enthusiasm and energy is bound to rub off onto you eventually.

Breathe Deeply

An easy natural energizer is simply inhaling and exhaling completely. Focus all your attention on breathing and inhale deeply for six seconds. Hold the air in for 3 seconds, tensing all the muscles in the body. Exhale for 6 seconds, completely relaxing all your muscles. Repeat this rhythmic count slowly and you will surely feel energized.

Good Posture

Yoga experts have discovered that simply changing your posture can instantly give you additional energy. We generally stand or sit with our head, neck and shoulders shifted forward. This can affect blood circulation to the brain, wasting lots of energy. Changing your posture can therefore impact your energy levels positively.

Drink Water

Dehydration is one of the major causes of fatigue. If you do not drink enough fluids, your blood volume drops, causing your heart to work harder as so as to supply the cells with nutrients and oxygen. Dehydration causes mental fogginess, fatigue and dizziness. Ensure to hydrate all through the day, particularly when you start feeling fatigued.


Expend some of your energy in exercise and you will gain even more energy. Ensure you undertake some physical activities for only 30 minutes daily to gain this benefit. This will build your cardiovascular endurance and strength. When you improve your heart health, your entire body will greatly benefit. As more nutrients and oxygen reach the cells, energy levels elevate, your mood and sleep also improve.

Reduce Stress and Deal with Anger

Stress is caused by anxiety, and it usually takes up lots of energy, according to medical experts. Like fear or worry, stress usually leaves you physically and mentally exhausted, even when you have not done any strenuous activities throughout the day. More commonly, low stress levels slowly erode your energy levels, such that with time you discover that your productivity is going down. An effective method of alleviating stress is working out. This allows you to take out all your anger on the weights, which improves your body in return.