The key to losing weight is choosing activities that you enjoy, since you will likely stick with them over the long term. Hence, learning which sports burn the most fat will assist you in achieving your goals faster. Even though all sports generally burn calories, some forms are more efficient than others. Find out the top 3 sports that burn the most fat here below.


Swimming is not only an enjoyable activity, but it is also among the top sports that assist in weight loss. This form of aerobic exercise works the whole body and effectively burns a lot of calories. Since swimming is able to recruit many muscle groups in the body for an extended period and the muscles work continuously against the natural resistance of the water, the prospective of burning fat is high compared to other aerobic exercises. Additionally, swimming can be done by anyone regardless of age or weight. It is an excellent option for elderly people as well as those seeking sports activities that do not exert pressure on the joints.

The amount of calories you can burn from a swimming session depend on various factors, such as swimming style, intensity, distance, water temperature and your fitness level. For a normal 150 pound person, swimming using the freestyle stroke over a period of one hour can burn about 600 calories, provided the swim speed is relatively high. One pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories; hence burning one pound per week will require that you burn more than 500 calories per day. Swimming for a couple of hours every week can assist in creating this beneficial calorie deficit.

It is clear that the more complex your swimming style is, the more energy you spend, which translates into eliminating lots of unwanted fat. Hence, you must try new swimming styles to be able to challenge your body, which has already become accustomed to your usual routine. Begin with a couple laps around the pool and raise the amount of laps with time. Do not start too strongly and overexert your body to avoid muscle injuries.

Research shows that it is better to swim in warm water than cold water if you are seeking to burn fat. This is because cold water usually increases your appetite, which works against your current goal of losing weight. You do not want to start eating unhealthy snacks after swimming in cool water and gain even more calories.


Whether you are cycling indoors or outdoors, you can really burn a large amount of body fat. Besides burning fat, cycling helps improve heart health and enhance muscle tone. Ensure you choose a bike that fits your comfort level, height and body build. Moreover, start cycling slowly to give yourself enough time to become accustomed to the sport and also to prevent injury.

As you become more familiarized with cycling, you must increase your intensity and cycling time. This will lead to extensive fat burning of more than 5000 calories weekly. Alternate cycling at a low intensity pace with higher intensity pace to burn fat quicker than slow cycling sessions and enhance your general metabolism all through the day.

Add some diversity to your riding sessions for optimal benefits. If you cycle using the same time and pace, as well as in one location, you will no longer challenge your body and thus fat burning will cease to occur. Hence, you must incorporate variety by cycling at varying speeds on new roads and at different periods.

Off road cycling can burn almost 600 calories per hour if done correctly, as it works the whole body rather than the legs only. Pulling over roots, logs and rocks, can help build lean muscles within your arms, chest, core and back. Use a bike with broader tires when going off road to guarantee safety as you navigate the harsh terrain.

Another tip when cycling is to go riding on a hill as it burns calories a lot faster than riding on a regular flat surface. It also builds your abdominal and core strength. You can use standing hill workouts to exercise your upper body and tone your muscles. Find a ten minute climb on a hill and perform several repeats, alternating between sitting and standing. Riding in a standing position raises your heartbeat so that you are able to burn fat and build strong triceps and shoulder muscles.


Running and jogging are great aerobic workouts that burn fat much quicker than just walking. While a light one hour jog will burn roughly 500 calories, going for a run for the same amount of time can burn anywhere between 600 and 1200 calories. The best thing about running is you do not require additional equipment to start running, only comfortable clothing and well-fitting shoes.

Since intense workouts effectively burn fat, you can incorporate racing into your program. Increasing your intensity could be the missing linkage between losing that extra fat and remaining overweight. Therefore, ensure you run one challenging workout every week, and also race regularly. Jumping over obstacles as you run keeps your heartbeat high and enhances the amount of fat you continue burning after finishing your training.

Frequency is another crucial aspect of running that must not be overlooked. Most runners only run for about 3 times a week, which is not sufficient for weight loss. Increasing the number of runs per week will increase the quantity of fat shed within that period. Increased consistency also helps prevent injuries and ultimately makes you become a much better runner.

Just performing these top 3 sports consistently can enable you to drop a couple of pounds every week, but nutritionists still recommend that you utilize a healthy diet alongside these exercises. You ought to balance your diet so that you are not ingesting more calories as compared to the amount you burn during exercise. In addition, you can set aside three days a week for weight training to improve your weekly calorie deficit, intensifying your chances of losing weight and reaching your goals.