HIIT or high intensity interval training comprises of variety of short cardio workouts performed at high intensity. This form of training has gained more popularity with athletes and fitness gurus due to its excellent effectiveness. Studies show that HIIT exercises burn close to 10 times more fat than regular cardiovascular workouts. This ensures you burn fat faster and consequently lose weight. In addition, it also helps to improve your overall performance, particularly when using HIIT training alongside physical activities like sports.

The reason why HIIT is so effective at burning fat is the fact that it boosts your metabolism. This action provides your body with an excellent afterburning effect, which means you don’t only burn calories as you work out, but also for a while afterwards. It is believed that you can still burn calories up to 36 hours after stopping your workout.

Due to the high intensity nature of HIIT, you require pushing yourself beyond your normal comfort levels. This form of training is really quite challenging and you must be ready to face the challenge and conquer all the sessions. However, it is worth the effort to try out HIIT as it guarantees several benefits.

One of the benefits you should expect from HIIT is a shorter workout period. This is vital for people who have limited time to work out. Furthermore, you will attain that great body more quickly in roughly half the time. Getting results quicker is a positive benefit, but you must ensure that you take additional precautions as the high intensity can cause you to over train.

Yet another benefit of HIIT is improved variety that makes your workout less boring. During the workout, you perform different moves while taking short breaks between the workouts. This means your body will always stay sharp and motivated, leaving less room for getting bored as you normally would perform the same exercise for over one hour.

Car push

Yes you read that correctly. Car pushes are an effective HIIT workout that helps enhance leg power and drive and enhance cardiovascular conditioning. They also increase upper body strength, hence, building an awesome physique. You will also notice that your leg pressing ability during your squats will greatly improve with car pushes due to the extensive weight overload that the car offers. The advantage with car pushes is that they can be done anywhere you find some empty space.

All you require is simply putting the car in neutral gear, and then get your body low with your head down and try pushing the car for 30 seconds. Depending on whether you are an advanced trainee or a newbie, choose the vehicle you push intelligently. You do not want to start with a Hummer if you only weigh less than 100 pounds. Perform the workout in 4 intense intervals of 30 seconds separated by 4 minute walks between the intervals.

Sled drags

The sled drag workout is common among athletes, particularly NFL players. It involves dragging a sizeable sled using a harness that is tied around your waist. It activates the core muscles and allows you to work your hamstrings and glutes. The harness forces the participant to always keep a stiff, straight spine all through the workout, in spite of how exhausted you get. Bending your back during the workout will instantly feel and look very awkward, providing instant feedback to rest or straighten out.

Sled drags strengthen the body and can assist you to enhance your deadlifting workout. For athletes, sled drags guarantee explosive movements during sports. If you have not been sled dragging, you are simply missing out on superior conditioning and strength gains. If you choose to start sled dragging, a standard way of checking whether you are pulling too much weight is walking like you are drunk. Perform 5 intervals comprising of 30 seconds of intense sled drags and 3 minute brisk walks between intervals.

Heavy rope workouts

The other effective HIIT is the heavy rope workout that was originally created for certain combat sports like MMA and football. If you want a fresh change to your current fitness program or you simply want something that is not so tough on your legs, then you should definitely try this out. Besides increasing your endurance, power and strength, the continual motion of the ropes will offer you a truly effective HIIT workout session. Some of the common movements you can perform include waves, spirals, whips and throws. All these are done by swinging your hands up and down for timed periods. With each exercise performed using the ropes, you must have a sound base by slightly lowering your body and stabilizing the core. You will rapidly discover that heavy rope workouts engage not just the shoulders and arms, but the entire body.


Boxing is a stress relieving HIIT workout that you can perform after a long day at work. Hitting the punching bag at the gym or at home is beneficial for working your upper body, which is especially helpful for those with lower body limitations or injuries. A precaution to take as you perform boxing is to take one day breaks after an intense workout. Your arms and shoulders will feel as if you were in an actual boxing fight after doing this workout. Go for 5 intensive rounds of 30 seconds each, where you punch the bag with all your power and for the intervals, jump rope for 10 minutes.


One way to appreciate the power of sprints to transform the body is by simply looking at a sprinter’s physique compared to long distance athletes. Noticeably, sprinters have more muscles in their bodies, especially on the legs, since they are constantly activating the fast twitch muscles and generating muscle damage that results in muscle growth. That is why your legs will feel very sore after a sprint session. Incorporate sprints into your jogging workout to enhance effectiveness.

Before Performing Any Exercise

A reminder when performing HIIT is to start slowly if you are beginner. Everyone is unique and thus, you must experiment with your fitness levels and determine what works best for you. Begin with ten second intervals, with the aim of working up to thirty seconds.