Metabolism is basically the process by which the body converts food to energy. All the normal bodily functions like brain function, digestion, breathing and also your heartbeat consume a lot of energy. Higher metabolism means that energy is going to be attained from using up stored body fat, resulting in significant weight loss.

Importance of Increasing Metabolism

Instead of simply cutting calories from your diet, increasing your metabolism can help you lose weight quickly. However, the speed in which you burn calories is not only dependent on metabolism, but other factors as well like age and gender. Men usually burn calories at a faster rate than women, even while relaxing. Moreover, for a large portion of the population, metabolism slows gradually after reaching 40 years. Even though you cannot control your genetics, gender or age, there are some ways to increase your metabolism.

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism with Exercise

The key to sustained weight loss is basically training yourself to be more efficient in calorie burning through increasing your metabolism. You can achieve this task through exercise, particularly if you are already on a proper low calorie diet. Here are some of the ways to enhance your metabolism:

  1. Build Muscle

Calories are constantly being burned in the body, even when you are not doing anything. This is called the resting metabolic rate and researchers have discovered that it is a lot higher in muscular people. Each pound of muscle consumes approximately 6 calories daily for sustenance, whereas every pound of fat only burns 2 calories per day. That minor difference can really add up with time. Following an energetic session of weight lifting or strength training, your muscles get activated throughout the body, thus increase your daily metabolic rate.

  1. Step Up Your Workout

While aerobic exercises do not necessarily build huge muscles, they can increase your metabolism significantly. The secret is pushing your body harder with each aerobic workout. High intensity exercises deliver a longer and bigger improvement in metabolism rate compared to moderate or low intensity exercises. Therefore, to get maximum benefits, use a high intensity workout or include sprinting during your normal walk.

  1. Enhance your cardio

Adding aerobic intervals to your strength training workout doubles the amount of calories that you can burn in a workout. Intervals also help maintain your metabolism at a higher pace compared to doing a steady routine.  This means you could burn an additional 100 calories during exercise by incorporating aerobic intervals. The ideal interval routing is going hard for several minutes, then using aerobic exercises to take down the pace, and keep interchanging like that during your workout.

  1. Do not skip meals

Even though you may be very busy, try and make some time to eat. Simply chewing and digesting food increases your metabolism. Hence, the more regularly you eat food, the more frequently it rises. Conversely, when you miss a meal, your metabolism is lowered considerably. Your body changes to starvation mode, in which your system functions slowly to conserve its energy. The best thing therefore is to keep your body at a steady metabolic rate by having 3 healthy meals daily and also include two snacks.

  1. Schedule a night time workout

Perform a half an hour moderate intensity cardiovascular routing before sleeping to maintain a high metabolism all night. On average, a woman’s metabolism naturally reduces by approximately 15 percent while sleeping, but a night time exercise will reduce the drop by 10 percent. So, why not take your dog for a sundown walk after dinner and help increase your metabolism in the process.

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism with Food

Studies show that consuming certain kinds of food can enhance your metabolism, control your appetite, which will help you shed more weight quickly than others. An example of a dieting plan based on these studies is the Active Calorie Diet that explains how certain foods take a lot more effort to consume so that you burn calories during digestion. Actually, the simple act of munching metabolism boosting meals like vegetables, fruits, lean meat and whole grains can enhance the amount of calories you burn by about 30%.

  1. Drink lots of water

Calories are processed using water. If you become even slightly dehydrated, it is highly likely your metabolism will slow down. A study found that adults who consumed 8 glasses of water per day burned considerably more calories compared to those who only drank four. A healthy hydration practice is drinking one glass of water before every snack and meal. Furthermore, snack solely on fresh vegetables and fruits, which naturally comprise of water, instead of chips or pretzels.

  1. Snack smart

Research shows eating more regularly can assist you on shedding weight. In contrast, when you eat big meals with long intervals, your metabolism will slow down. Having a snack or a small meal every 4 hours maintains a high metabolism rate, so you can burn calories throughout the day. In addition, people who eat snacks regularly during the day, consume less food generally at mealtime.

  1. Spice Up Your Meals

Adding spices to your food can help boost your metabolism due to some beneficial natural chemicals found in spices. Try to cook food with some chopped green or red chili pepper to enhance your metabolism. Even though the spicy effect is temporary, if you consume spicy foods frequently, the benefits will add up eventually. For a fast metabolism enhancement, spice up stews, pasta dishes and chili with some red pepper.

  1. Eat more fiber

Fiber is an essential component of a healthy nutrition. Studies show that fiber can enhance your fat burning capabilities by nearly 30%. In addition, women who consume more fiber in their meals gain the slightest weight with time. Aim for approximately 25 grams of fiber per day, which is the amount you get in three servings of vegetables and fruits.

  1. Drink green tea

Drinking oolong tea or green tea offers the joint benefits of catechins and caffeine substances shown to enhance your metabolism for several hours. Research recommends that drinking 3 cups of these two kinds of tea may allow you to burn 20% more calories during low intense workouts.

A crash diet normally involves consuming less than 1800 calories per day for men and 1200 calories for women. However, this kind of diet is not beneficial for anyone looking to boost their metabolism. Even though these diets might assist you in dropping pounds, they are not healthy for your body. In addition, it can lead to muscle loss, which results in a slower metabolism.