You perform the same workout routine every day. You are dedicated and never miss a workout session, but you are no longer getting good results. This has caused you to get frustrated and you are even thinking of quitting. If these statements describe your current condition, then it is time to try out muscle confusion.

Muscle Confusion Defined

Muscle confusion is essentially about variance. It involves changing your exercise routine regularly in order to confuse the muscles and spur growth. This concept is based on the principle that using one exercise plan for a long period of time will result in fewer gains as muscles tend to accommodate a certain form of stress, especially when this stress is applied continually over time. Hence, one must continuously vary exercises, reps, weight lifts and sets to avoid hitting a plateau.

Integrating variety into your workout also enhances motivation, enables muscles to grow gradually and keeps you mentally fresh. For instance, if you are happy swimming or running daily, you can incorporate interval training in your exercises. By varying the speed and resistance of your exercise, you are effectively challenging diverse muscle groups. Muscles adapt very quickly to doing the exact same routine every week and only an alteration in routine will translate into a positive response from the body.

Here is another example of muscle confusion during a chest workout. You might be exercising your chest using the straight bar for flat bench presses, incline presses and decline presses for around one month. You stop that routine and introduce 3 new exercises using dumbbells like flat bench flies, incline flies and decline flies. You can also change your usual number of reps and set with the new chest workouts.

Importance of muscle confusion

Improves coordination

Muscle confusion can help you discover major inadequacies in your muscles and expose coordination issues. It then allows you to create an effective routine to work on these inadequacies and enhance coordination as fast as possible. It is not easy to expose weakness within your muscles if you repetitively use the same patterns and motions in a traditional workout program. You will need to incorporate new and varying workouts that happen in new angles and planes to expose existing inadequacies first and then improve upon them.

Removes boredom

If you are bored with your regular exercise routine, it is likely that will not carry out the workout at your full capacity. Muscle confusion can therefore assist you in breaking away from simply counting reps and minutes. It gets you out of the comfort zone and excites both your mind and body. You must enjoy your workouts; otherwise the chances of getting bored and stopping are quite high.

Prevents injuries

Many body builders have a flawed view that you only need to perform basic exercises along with heavy weight forever. This attitude will not only lead you into a plateau, but it also results in injuries, particularly as you grow older. When you are 25 years old, it is okay to push yourself hard constantly, with almost no repercussions. However, if you continue doing that for 25 more years, you will likely get injured and your joints will be damaged. Your training principle must mature as you grow older. Muscle confusion can assist you to find other approaches to effectively train the same muscle groups without risk of injury or plateau.

Increases strength

Research shows that modifications to your workout are great for enhancing strength. Muscle confusion helps make your workout more challenging and ensures you can easily adapt to various conditions. This is particularly helpful for athletes who not only have to build muscle, but also increase their strength. Most athletes even use the muscle confusion concept without even knowing it. If you go to the gym to workout but discover you have an aching back, for instance, you have to instantly make changes to your planned program so as to accommodate your situation.

Effective weight loss

Muscle confusion can also assist you to lose weight faster as it is specifically designed for limiting your ability to get used to exercise. Instead of constantly reducing calories, it rotates the amount of calories you lose weekly, resulting in effective weight loss. From this method you should expect long term sustained fat loss, devoid of any mood swings or energy dips. Your body will be geared up for consistent weight loss of roughly 2 pounds every week.

Changing rep ranges, exercises and other training variables regularly is a recognized part of training science. Employing variety in your workout program is particularly important for athletes and body builders seeking to develop all aspects of their bodies. Frequent modification of essential training variables becomes more critical to body building as you grow older and you start adapting faster to exercises. Ensure you incorporate muscle confusion in an intelligent and planned fashion for maximum results.