If you are struggling with staying motivated or you just want to capitalize on your workout, then the smartest move you can do is to get an workout partner. Actually, having a good workout buddy can even make a huge difference between success and failure. Even though you find that you work out better by yourself, the right workout partner can push you to use those extra energy and strength reserves to enhance your workout. Having a partner enables you to give the workout everything you have, thus maximizing results. Here are some of the ways an activity buddy helps your workout:

Helps you attain your goals

A study by Stanford University discovered that just receiving a telephone call every 2 weeks can enhance your workout by roughly 75%. The call, made by either a computer or a human, would ask about the progress of the workouts and emphasize the significance of working out. After more than 18 months, the participants in this study were still working out at an increased level.

The point of this study was to highlight how social support is important, even if it is only on the telephone. So once you have a workout buddy, the support becomes more powerful. You are definitely going to make it to all your workouts and thus, boost your consistency. Improving your consistency means that you will be on the right track to attain your fitness targets.

Makes working out more enjoyable

You can still get a solid workout, without having to be serious. It is acceptable to have some fun as you exercise. Actually, the more enjoyable your exercises are, the higher the chances you will remain committed over time. Having a good activity buddy can enhance your workouts and make them more fun. Exercising alone can become lonely, so simply having some social interaction like talking, will make your exercises emotionally fulfilling.

Maintain proper form

Your activity buddy works like a personal instructor, who pushes you to maintain proper form during your workout. Nevertheless, even if your activity buddy has very little experience with fitness training, they should still be able to assist in correcting any observable form mistakes. It is still recommendable to get the assistance of a trainer to ensure you are using good form, particularly when starting to perform new exercises.

Easier to start new workouts

There is power in being in a group, instead of just being alone. When you have someone else by your side, you will find it less scary to start going to the gym, start a new dance class or simply trying out some new workout equipment. So if you have always wanted to do strength training, yoga or zumba classes, get an activity buddy and get started. You may even discover that the new workouts are very interesting and incorporate them into your regular fitness training routine.

Competition improves your performance

We all have an in built nature to compete, and having healthy competition improves your performance. A certain study discovered that people perform much better when paired up with stronger workout partners. Moreover, experts discovered that to capitalize on motivation and performance, your activity buddy must be roughly 45% more fit than you are.

Increases your commitment to working out

It is easier to cancel your workout when you are alone, but a lot harder when you have someone who is depending on your attendance. No person wants to let down their friend, so ultimately, you will have to attend all your workout sessions. After one month, consistently building a workout habit, you will not even consider cancelling your workout. Hence, an activity buddy motivates you and supports you to reach your fitness milestones.

Increases workout safety

Having a spotter when you perform the bench press or squats makes exercising much safer. You will not harm yourself when you try adding more weight since your buddy will support you. Furthermore, when you run at night, having a partner with you also increases workout safety compared to running alone.

Ensures you stay humble

When you start getting some good workout results such as bigger muscles and a toned body, you are likely to be proud. A good exercise partner will recognize when you start becoming proud of your muscle gains and will keep you humble by continuously pushing you towards achieving better.

Brings in variety

Your activity buddy brings in different knowledge and skills. You can gain from the different workouts they present you with and also different methods of staying active. This sort of variety is a crucial part of making the workout more enjoyable, increasing your chances of sticking to your exercises.


How to Choose a Workout Partner

The following are major factors to consider when choosing a workout partner:

  1. Someone you like

Your workout buddy must be someone you like. He or she should make your exercise sessions more fun and enjoyable.

  1. Fitness role model

Preferably, you want an activity buddy to be roughly 45% more fit than you. This way, you can have a good target for improving your fitness as you work out. You can also have healthy competition amongst yourselves.

  1. Positive attitude

Solution-focused, friendly and positive people are the best to motivate you to achieve better results. Your activity buddy should also be dependable and respect your training routine.

  1. Have similar goals

The two of you must share similar fitness goals. For instance, you can both want to become yoga experts and help each other along the way.

  1. Compatible schedules

Your schedules should coincide to ensure you have enough time for working out. Make sure it is someone who does not make excuses to avoid exercising.

Always surround yourself with positive people who eat well and are physically active. This will prevent you from acquiring bad habits such as drug abuse, and ensure you stay healthy. Having a supportive workout buddy will assist in propelling you further forward towards attaining your fitness objectives faster; compared to if you were working out alone.